Alien::Build::Plugin::Decode::DirListingFtpcopy − Plugin to extract links from a directory listing using ftpcopy


version 2.37


use alienfile;
plugin 'Decode::DirListingFtpcopy';


Note: in most case you will want to use Alien::Build::Plugin::Download::Negotiate instead. It picks the appropriate decode plugin based on your platform and environment. In some cases you may need to use this plugin directly instead.

This plugin decodes a ftp file listing into a list of candidates for your Prefer plugin. It is useful when fetching from an FTP server via Alien::Build::Plugin::Fetch::LWP. It is different from the similarly named Alien::Build::Plugin::Decode::DirListingFtpcopy in that it uses File::Listing::Ftpcopy instead of File::Listing. The rationale for the "Ftpcopy" version is that it supports a different set of FTP servers, including OpenVMS. In most cases, however, you probably want to use the non "Ftpcopy" version since it is pure perl.


Alien::Build::Plugin::Download::Negotiate, Alien::Build::Plugin::Decode::DirListing, Alien::Build, alienfile, Alien::Build::MM, Alien


Author: Graham Ollis <>


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