DJabberd::Agent::Node − Abstract class for an agent that handles a specific node


package MyPackage::DJabberd::MyNode;
use base DJabberd::Agent::Node;
# Example of an agent that responds to incoming chat messages
sub handle_message {
my ($self, $vhost, $stanza) = @_;
my $response = $stanza−>make_response();
$response−>set_raw("<body>Hello. I'm a software agent.</body>");

This class provides a parent class for agents which recieve stanzas addressed to a particular nodename within a domain.

Such an agent is often referred to as a "Bot". A higher-level API for implementing "chat bots" is also provided in DJabberd::Bot.


This class is a specialization of DJabberd::Agent. In most cases, users of this class will use the API exposed by DJabberd::Agent. However, there is some special behaviour to note and some additional methods that are not part of the basic agent class.

handles_destination($self, $to_jid, $vhost)
This class provides an overriden version of this method which responds with a true value if and only if the domain and the nodename of the destination JID match those that are handled by this instance.

vcard($self, $requester_jid)
The overriden version of this method will return a vCard where the full name is set to the nodename of this instance. Subclasses will probably want to override this to do something more fancy.


See also DJabberd::Agent, DJabberd::Component.


Copyright 2007−2008 Martin Atkins

This module is part of the DJabberd distribution and is covered by the distribution’s overall licence.