DJabberd::Component::Example − An example DJabberd service component


<Subdomain example>
<Plugin DJabberd::Component::Example>
Greeting Hello, world!

This class implements a very simple component that responds to all incoming messages with a predefined greeting and which returns a vCard for itself when one is requested. You can change the greeting returned using the optional Greeting configuration setting as above.

This example also exposes a node called "somebloke" that responds to all messages with authentic British surprise.

This example uses the higher-level API provided by DJabberd::Agent, from which DJabberd::Component inherits. DJabberd::Component::External serves as an example of how to handle stanzas at a lower level by overriding the "handle_stanza" method.


This module is Copyright (c) 2008 Martin Atkins

This module is distributed under the same terms as the main DJabberd distribution.