DJabberd::Component::External − Interface to external plugins implementing JEP−0114


This component provides support for connecting external components that support the Jabber Component Protocol specified in JEP−0114. Specify the TCP port that the external component will connect on and the secret it will use to authenticate. These should match the equivalent settings in the component’s own configuration.

You can also specify a ListenAddr option, which specifies the IP address of the interface to listen on. By default, we only listen on the loopback address, Alternatively, you can give a UNIX domain socket (an absolute path beginning with a slash) and leave out the ListenPort setting to await a connection on a UNIX domain socket. Most components do not support UNIX domain sockets, however.

Please note that this component only implements the "accept" variation of the protocol, where DJabberd opens a listen socket and waits for the component to connect. The "connect" variation, where the component waits for DJabberd to connect to it, is not supported.


<Plugin DJabberd::Component::External>
ListenPort 23534
Secret somesecret


Copyright 2006 Martin Atkins and Six Apart

This library is part of the Jabber server DJabberd. It can be modified and distributed under the same terms as DJabberd itself.