DJabberd::Component::Node − Specialization of DJabberd::Agent::Node that knows it belongs to a component


This abstract class is a specialization of DJabberd::Agent::Node. The only difference between this class and its parent is that nodes represented by this class "know" that they belong to a component and have a reference to that component stored.


Create your node class as a subclass of this class:

package MyPackage::DJabberd::MyNode;
use base DJabberd::Component::Node;
# Example of an agent that responds to incoming chat messages
sub handle_message {
my ($self, $vhost, $stanza) = @_;
my $response = $stanza−>make_response();
$response−>set_raw("<body>Hello. I'm a software agent.</body>");

The class can then be instantiated from inside a method in a DJabberd::Component instance:

# $self here is a DJabberd::Component object
my $node = MyPackage::DJabberd::MyNode−>new(
component => $self,
nodename => "bob",

The above created instance will accept stanzas addressed to the node "bob" inside the domain owned by the given component.

It is not possible to directly use subclasses of this class as delivery plugins, since they must be associated with a component at runtime.


See also DJabberd::Agent::Node, DJabberd::Component.


Copyright 2007−2008 Martin Atkins

This module is part of the DJabberd distribution and is covered by the distribution’s overall licence.