HPXcvt − Reorganise HEALPix data into a 2-D FITS image


HPXcvt [-C<col>] [-c<sys>] [-n|-r] [-q<quad>] [-x<n|s>]


[<infile> [<outfile>]]

HPXcvt reorganises HEALPix data into a 2−D FITS image with HPX coordinate system. The input data may be stored in a FITS file as a primary image or image extension, or as a binary table extension. Both NESTED and RING pixel indices are supported. The input and output files may be omitted or specified as "−" to indicate stdin and stdout respectively.



Binary table column number from which to read data, default 1 (n.b. WMAP exclusion masks are in column 2).


Specify the coordinate system to be used to label the output map if the COORDSYS keyword is absent from the input FITS header. Recognised values are g (galactic), e (ecliptic) or q (equatorial).


Assume n(ested) or r(ing) organization if the ORDERING keyword is absent from the input FITS header.


Recentre longitude at quad(mod 4) x 90 degrees, where quad(rant) is an integer.


Use a north−polar or south−polar layout (XPH).